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Orienteering gear

Orienteering USA

As the website says, "Orienteering is the sport of navigation—often held in unfamiliar terrain—using a map and compass. It's easy to learn and a fun way to exercise your body and mind as you enjoy the outdoors. It's a sport for everyone and beginners are always welcome."  Find events, club info, and more.

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Boy Scout Orienteering Merit Badge

Explore the requirements for the Orienteering Merit Badge, and find the Worksheet.

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World Orienteering Day

The next World Orienteering Days will take place on May 15th! In 2019, between May 15th and May 21st, any activity held by clubs that are part of their orienteering Federations. (OrienteeringUSA, for example) can be registered as a World Orienteering Day . The Delaware Valley Orienteering Association will be holding their event at the American Swedish Historical  Museum, so you can tour the Exhibit AND try orienteering in FDR Park. See what your local club is up to.

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Treasure Hunt Adventures

 A unique team building event, the Treasure Hunt Adventure is a map-based puzzle that the entire group must solve. Derived from the Scandinavian activity of Orienteering, the adventure uses a custom-made map of your conference center, hotel, park or any outdoor setting.

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VIDEO: "Running wild:orienteering"

A short video about orienteering produced by The New York Times., that gives a fun summary of what the sport is all about.


It may be 12 minutes and it may be from 1988, but this video, "Orienteering-All are Welcome" by Chris Cassone is still a great introduction to the sport. It was the winner of the 1988 International Orienteering Federation (IOF) video promotion contest.